The Dutchess County Fairgrounds
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NYS Sheep & Wool Festival - Workshop Registration

updated 10/25/17 


Workshops will be held Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018 - Sunday, Oct. 21, 2018

Workshops: Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018 - Sunday, Oct. 21, 2018

Welcome to our 2018 Workshop Registration system.  Please read ALL information before registering.   

Thursday and Friday classes will begin at 9:00 AM or 1:00 PM.  All SATURDAY and SUNDAY classes will begin at 10:00 AM or 2:00 PM.  No need for Saturday AM  or Sunday AM early entry tickets!  

NEW for 2018:

We will be collecting baby blankets for Vassar NICU - blankets should be cuddly soft and washable, size can vary, but keep them preemie and infant sized please.  Please drop off (Building D) through Sunday,  10/21/18, by noon. 

We will also be collecting hats, scarves, mittens,  and travel sized soaps, shampoos, etc. for teens for Family of Woodstock.  Please drop off (Building D) through Saturday, 10/20/18, by 3:00 pm.


You must be at least 18 years old to register (this IS a contract).  Some instructors may allow a minor to take a workshop, but approval from the instructor and workshop manager must be obtained prior to registration.  Adults may be required to purchase and attend workshop with minor child.

This on-line registration module allows you to select classes using a shopping cart and check out at one time. Registration is on-line only and works best with Firefox or Chrome. 

Technical issues? "Clear" your history and cache and try again before contacting us.

Our on-line registration utilizes payment via PayPal. You do NOT have to have your own PayPal account to register.  PayPal allows the Festival to process your own credit card or even a check (checks must clear before we confirm your seat) - follow the instructions throughout the registration module.  

Once your PayPal transaction is complete, click on the link in blue type to return to the Festival website. Doing this clears the shopping cart. If you do not, despite being already purchased and paid for, items will remain in your cart and you will have to manually remove them.  

Please see "Payments/Refund Information" for more information on PayPal transactions.  

Seat availability shown on the registration pages is not a guarantee that an actual seat is able to be purchased. If an over sale of seats occurs, the price of the over-sold seat will be refunded in its entirety.

Returning users - Your “account” with the Festival is still active.  Use your email address and password to log in. Click the link to recover a forgotten password.  
  • Is your shopping cart EMPTY before beginning registration? Don't register for a previous year's workshop!
  • Is your contact information updated?    
  • NEW email address? You will be prompted to create a NEW account.       
Using a business/education/organization email address may prevent you from receiving critical email blasts from MailChimp (e-tickets, logistics notices, etc.), due to strict spam blocking on institutional email servers. Instead, register for classes using an email address where you can see the messages thought to be spam.   Unsubscribing from MailChimp permanently prevents you from getting any email blasts at that email address. Please do not unsubscribe from the Workshops List unless you plan to not participate at all moving forward.

Avoid “double scheduling” by reviewing your choices before hitting that submit button.  Our system doesn't prevent registering for classes that occur at the same time. The Festival is not responsible for your selection of classes and any conflicts that occur; no refunds will be given for such errors.

BUYING FOR OTHERS - The shopping cart feature allows you to purchase more than one seat in a class, allowing you to buy an extra seat and/or purchase one in a different class for a companion. If doing so, make sure the correct email address is associated with the companion taking the class. This will ensure they receive communications regarding their class directly. The Festival is not responsible for incorrect association of email addresses.

SURPRISE and/or GIFT PURCHASES - By checking the GIFT checkbox and providing your own email address, you handle the logistics of the surprise gift as the “Purchaser.” E-tickets are associated with a name and email address of the “Attendee”, one name per email address. If you and your gift recipient will not be arriving together, contact us to make arrangements to get their e-tickets to them.  This works to make gift giving easier and the surprises, surprises!

PAYPAL   The Festival uses PayPal as part of the payment system.  Your bank statement may say "Professional Services" or "Dutchess County Sheep & Wool Growers Association (DCS&WGA)."  It will not indicate the payment is made to the “NYS Sheep & Wool Festival.” If there is a question regarding a charge on your statement it might be helpful to just check how the charge in question compares with the cost of the class(es). 

Before considering initiating a “dispute” with Paypal, please learn about how the process works. Disputes initiated by the buyer via PayPal can take several months for resolution (really!).  You should be diligent about checking your financial statements, but be aware that if you mistakenly initiate a dispute for the payment of a workshop class you want to remain enrolled in, you will have to register for the class again (even if it’s sold out) AND reimburse the Festival, using a money order, for the dispute resolution fee we incur from PayPal.  If the dispute is resolved in the Festival's favor, the buyer will be reimbursed for the cost of the original transaction, but again, this may take up to 180 days.  If the dispute is resolved in the buyer's favor, no reimbursement will be made because PayPal will refund the buyer directly.  The dispute resolution fee will NOT be refundable.    

CANCELLATION / REFUND POLICY - Email to initiate process.   
  • 70% refund prior to 60 days beginning of Workshops (8/19/18)
  • 50% refund prior to 30 days beginning of Workshops  (9/18/18)
  • NO refund within 30 days of the beginning of Workshops  (9/19/18)
  • NOTE:  The countdown begins the second you register.
NO exceptions to the refund policy will be made. 

Refunds are issued through either PayPal or by check and the method chosen is solely dependent upon the date of registration.

CAN I SELL/GIFT MY CLASS? You can do either, but you must pay the $25 transfer fee via PayPal before the transfer is completed.  The seller remains the “Purchaser” and the buyer becomes the “Attendee.”

If you need to sell, you may want to try starting a new thread in the Rhinebeck!! group on Ravelry, but how the workshop seat is marketed is the sole responsibility of the seller. Our ONLY involvement is to collect the information from the SELLER about the buyer (name, email, and contact information).  The Workshop Manager will NOT communicate with buyers until the seller provides their contact information.   

All workshop transfer communications must be directed to - emailing any other Festival email address will prevent changes from being made and may affect your refund eligibility.  If the $25 fee is not paid, the new owner will not be able to attend the workshop. 

CAN I TRANSFER TO ANOTHER CLASS?   You can as long as it is 45 days (9/3/18) before all Workshops begin - there will be a $25 fee and you must register for the new class first.  Refunds for any difference in workshop cost will be issued (less the $25 fee) via PayPal or by check, the method chosen is solely dependent upon the date of registration.  

NO exceptions to the transfer/sell/gift policy will be made.

CONFIRMATIONS/NOTIFICATIONS Class registrations are confirmed via email within 24-48 hours, but during peak times allow 72 hours. This confirmation will be in ADDITION to the payment confirmation email from PayPal.  Check your spam folder if you do not receive a confirmation in a timely manner.  Please keep your confirmation email so you don’t forget class information. 

If there's a class cancellation or any reason to contact attendees at the last minute, we may not have the email address for the gift or companion attendees.  The Purchaser has the responsibility to pass on our communications to the Attendees for whom you've purchased workshops. 

If your email address changes, notify us of the change via 

Do NOT reply to the confirmation letter you are sent. If you have any questions, email and allow a two business day follow up.

As Festival time nears, you will receive a "logistics" email that has almost as much information as this does.   


Workshops are held in Building D, tents next to Building D, and a few other buildings on the grounds of the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, NY. Locations are listed in the class description, but can change.  

Classes held in tents usually are workshops that use water, but other types of classes may be held in tents, as needed.
The "floors" in the tents are usually concrete/blacktop pads, which should be taken into consideration when choosing footwear.
Classes in Building D are held in “rooms” created by a pipe and drape system. There are no hard walls between classrooms and there is no soundproofing in either Building D or classes held in tents.  Noise from adjacent classes should be expected.  
Restrooms are located a short walk from either location.

Heat is supplied to Building D and tents by forced hot air space heaters. We advise students to dress in layers so that they may add or subtract clothing layers for their comfort. 

Some workshops involve long periods of standing, sitting, or having your hands in and out of water.  If this is an issue for you, contact the instructor. 

Direct specific questions regarding the content of your workshop to the instructor. 

Each workshop states the proficiency level a student needs to be before registering.  Please do not register for an advanced class if you are a beginner.  Contact the instructor if you’re unsure. 

Children, of any age, are not allowed to accompany parents to classes.  No babies, no toddlers, no grandchildren, no children.  We love kids, but it's not fair to other students, so please be considerate.

E-TICKETS - only needed for SATURDAY or SUNDAY   
Register for a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday workshop, either Half Day or Longer, and you'll receive 2 courtesy e-tickets (2 day code for Sat and Sun).

Register for a Mini and/or 1 Hr workshop, and if needed, you get an e-ticket code valid only for the day of your workshop.   

Thursday and Friday workshops do NOT require e-tickets to get on the grounds.   

Any new attendees registering after 12:00 pm, 10/12/18 will not receive e-tickets, but will have their name placed on a list at either the 4H or Mulberry Street pedestrian gates only.

Admission passes, “e-Tickets”, are emailed approximately two weeks prior to the Festival and are needed for entry onto the fairgrounds for Saturday and Sunday only.  To avoid last minute issues, please print them out as soon as they are received. Once sent, the e-ticket is the responsibility of the student.  If lost, an admission ticket to the festival can be re-printed. If you cannot do it, admission will need to be purchased and will not be reimbursed. You can also use your mobile device at the gate to be scanned.

The Festival website and/or Facebook page will have periodic updates.  A logistics email will be sent about two - three weeks prior to the Festival.  If you don't get one, check spam/junk folders before emailing

Instructor Illness Clause:  On rare occasions it may be necessary to cancel a class or several classes due to instructor illness or travel delays. Should this occur, the Festival will make notification, as soon as possible, by email or via mobile/home telephone number, if provided.  Students will have the option of participating in another scheduled class, providing there is a place available in that class OR a refund for the class will be given. The Festival WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for travel or hotel fees incurred by the student or any other fee related to the cancellation. If the student opts for a replacement class, NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN. 

Any problems or questions should be directed to the Workshops Coordinator, Karen Santucci, at  Please allow for a two business day follow up.

We look forward to seeing you!