The Dutchess County Fairgrounds
6550 Spring Brook Ave.
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

NYS Sheep & Wool Festival - Workshop Registration

Fashion, Fit, Form and Function

Thursday, October 15, 2015

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Instructor: Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby

Class Fee: $200.00

Material Fee: $0.00

Maximum Class Size: 20

20 Seats Available

About Seat Availability: The availability shown above does NOT A GUARANTEE that an actual seat is available to be purchased. Each registration will be verified after your purchase and if an over sale of seats occurs you will be notified and the price of the over sold seat will be refunded in it's entirety.

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There are a million patterns in the naked city… yeah… a million… and wouldn’t it be nice if just ONE of them fit?!?  Well, my friend, the search is OVER!  We will teach you the basics of fashion, fit, form and function that we use daily as fashion designers so you can see a pattern and make sure it fits YOUR body before you ever pick up your hooks, needles, and yarn.  We're going to go deep into the minds of a designer and show you just what all this fit, ease, and drape talk is all about and what that means to YOU and YOUR body type and shape.  

We'll start with making sure you can look at a pattern and KNOW if it's going to work for your body based on how the finished garment will sit on your body and how your body moves around inside the finished garment.  

You will learn how to make basic alterations to a pattern that you will be able to use for every garment you ever want to make… EVER… did we mention the ever part? 

We will start with measurements and form – what measurements do I take from where and how do I apply them to my pattern?

Then we’ll talk about fit – how do I make a garment that fits a certain style or body type?

Then we’ll move to function – whom am I making this for and where will they wear it?

Finally… fabrics – how to take your swatch and convert that into a pattern   For this class, we are going to be using a pattern template for a FAB drape front cardi that you will be able to alter and customize to your heart's content.


  • Be able to take proper measurements and be able to make adjustments to those measurements according to body type   
  • Understand proper fit as it applies to different body types and styles of garments   
  • Understand the basics of hand knit/crochet fabrics and where/when/how to use them  
  • Understand basic math behind going from swatch to pattern  
  • Know know just how much yarn you're going to need for that pattern!
  • Leave with a template and measurement guide so you can create a garment that fits and flatters your form!
Experience:   Intermediate/Advanced - Must know how to read a written pattern and should have a basic understanding of how a garment is put together (i.e. A garment is made up of separate parts that are put together to make one finished wearable).

Participants will primarily be sitting throughout this workshop.  

The instructors can be reached by emailing  with any questions.

Materials Information

The registration fee includes a materials fee of $6.00                                       

Supplies provided by instructor:   Includes cardi pattern template with measurement and sizing charts; calculation worksheet.

Supplies provided by student:   Soft (non-metal) measuring tape, Notebook, Pencil,  Calculator

Homework:  None

Workshop Instructor